Fragrance & Color Descriptions

Angels (White) This heavenly scent of Lavender and Vanilla will promote tranquility and soothe the senses. Angels is one of our "Candles for a Cause" products in which all proceeds are donated to "Pennies from Heaven".

Asian Spice (Coppery Rust) Richly scented with spices from the orient. Sugar, Spice, & Wicked Nice!

Bayberry (Light Sage) True Bayberry

Candy Cane (White) Pure Peppermint.

Christmas Memories (Green)***BEST SELLER Pine, Incense, and Secret Spices.

Cinnamon Bun (Rich Beige) A yummy fragrance of Rich Butter and Melting Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Spice (Red) Cinnamon and Warm Spices. We've taken "Red Hots" and put a flame to it!

Coco Cabana (Off White) Pure Delicious Coconut.

Comfy Cozy (Off White)  Therapuetic blend of Vanilla & Cinnamon.

Cranberry (Cranberry) Essence of Cranberry. Sweet and Fruity, perfect for holiday entertaining.

Danielle (Pale Dusty Purple)***BEST SELLER The perfect blend of Coconut, Lime, and Lemon Verbena.

Don't Bug Me (White) Keep the bugs away with this Citronella & Lemongrass blend!

Enlightenment (White) Pure Peppermint Bliss. Clean, Uplifting, and Clears the Sinuses!

Green Tea (Sage Green) A Therapeutic Essence of Pure Green Tea.

Ice (White) Just as it sounds, Ice is a clean, minty balsam fragrance, guaranteed to freshen and uplift the senses. It's unique properties are a proven odor eater as well

Into the Woods (Green)  Essence of Pure Pine. Our customers swear that this candles wards off morning sickness and settles stomachs of expectant mothers.

It's so Vanilla (Off White) But in a Good Way!

Jersey Girl (Off White) The perfect blend of Passion Flower and Passion Fruit...Just like a Jersey Girl!

Jingle Bells (Burgundy Red) A Festive, Unique Blend of Citrus and Pine.

Just Breathe (White)  De-stressing blend of Eucalyptus and Lavender. Soothing and Relaxing.

Lavender (Lavender) A walk through an English Garden! ***Note: Our Lavender is derived from the lavender herb, therefor it is not sweet or perfumy, but rather true to its herbal essence.

Lemon Verbena (Yellow) Pure Lemon Essence laced with just a touch of Floral.

Love (White)  A seductive, delicate blend of sweetness laced with organic earthy tones. A staff favorite!

Mermaid Bay (Pale Blue)***BEST SELLER The most popular of our Ocean Collection of Candles.

Mermaid (Palest Green)***BEST SELLER A Seductive and Unique Blend of Sweetness and Musk, laced with the Pure Essence of Plumeria Flower.

Me Time (White)  Spa-Like blend of Eucalyptus & Mint. Chillax!

Nag Champa (White) ***BEST SELLER We've captured the pure essence of this very popular Indian Incense (minus the smoke!)

Namaste (Lightest Brown) Sandalwood.

Noel (White) ***BEST SELLER Pure Tanenbaum. Although this is a sold as a holiday fragrance, it remains one of our biggest sellers throughout the year because of it's pure, clean, refreshing, and invigorating properties. It opens up the sinuses and promotes clarity. Our customers also swear by its ability to snuff out cooking odors. It is also sold to many pet shops as a "funk-b-gone" candle for its strong, odor reducing scent.

Octopus' Garden (Rich Turquoise) Pure Ocean Essence. Although this candle is fairly new, it is quickly becoming one of our best sellers!

Orange Slice (Orange) Our yummy and uplifting pure essence of Sicilian Orange.

Patchouli (Lightest Brown) Our Pure Essence of Patchouli is guaranteed to awaken memories of Woodstock!

Peace (White) A Peaceful and Therapeutic Blend of Green Tea and Lavender.

Pecan Pie (Palest Brown) We are famous for this unbelievable candle! You will dupe your family and friends into believing you've been baking all day!

Point Pleasant (Turquoise) Essence of Nature, Melons, Violets, and Ocean Mist.

Pumpkin Spice (Caramel) Memories of the Best Pumpkin Pie you've ever tasted!

Rhapsody (Rich Brick Red) ***BEST SELLER Our Very Unique Blend of Clove, Citrus, Cinnamon, Greens, and Spices.

Roots (Ginger) Calm, Soothing, Therapeutic Blend of Ginseng and Ginger.

Sage & Citrus (Sage Green) Potent Sage with Citrus undertones.

Sea Glass (White)***BEST SELLER A Unique and Strong Essence of Pomegranate, Honey Dew, Watermelon, and Mango.

Spiced Apple (Red)  Delicious blend of Apples & Cinnamon!

Vermont Maple Syrup (Rich Warm Brown) Strong, Bold Essence of Pure Maple Syrup. Perfect Fall Fragrance!

Zen (White) ***BEST SELLER Soothing Blend of White Tea & Ginger

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