Q. Will I really be able to smell your scented candles when they are burning?

A. Our special wax formula allows us to use 10% high quality essential fragrance oil. Most commercial candles are made with 2-6% fragrance oil. You will notice the difference and if you are not satisfied, our candles are unconditionally guaranteed.

Q. I hate having left over wax that didn't burn, are your candles long burning candles?

A. We can guarantee that our candles will burn longer and leave very little wax residue. All candles burn differently so to get a nice clean burn keep the candle away from drafts and burn the candle long enough so that the wax liquefies to the edge of the container, this will keep the wax from building up on the sides. If wax builds up on the sides, burn the candle for a longer period of time to melt the residue. If you only burn candles for a few hours stick to votives and the small containers. If you burn candles for 4 or more hours the large containers will work well for you.

Q. Will your candles burn black or produce black soot?

A. NO! Our no black smoke candles are made with a pure wax formula. We do not add any chemicals, so they are clean burning candles. The only time you will get black residue is if the wick is too long or if the candle is burned in a draft.

Q. Why do my wicks mushroom after burning them for a while?

A. The mushrooming effect of the wick is most common in a strongly scented candle. So the mushroom effect ensures that the candle is highly scented. Simply trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each use to avoid. We only use lead-free wicks.

Q. What do you have in your scented candles besides wax?

A. We add 10% fragrance oil and that is all! We do not add chemicals, fillers, stabilizers or hardeners.

Q. What if I have a problem with one of your candles?

A. We unconditionally guarantee our candles. If you have any problems please let us know and we will replace the candle.

Q. Do you offer wholesale or private labeling?

A. Yes, please email us at: info@wickitgood.com, or call us at 732-899-0999, and we will provide you with all the details. Or, simply complete our Wholesale Application to shop on-line as a wholesale account.

Q. Do you offer special services such as candle wedding favors?

A. Yes! Commemorate your special event with our personalized candle favors! Any color, any fragrance, any budget! We create beautiful wedding favors and will work with you one on one at no extra cost to help you choose the perfect favor. We also create favors for all occasions, such as christenings, birthday parties, showers, etc., or any special event that you would like to commemorate.

Q. Will you fill one of my decorative containers with any scent?

A. Yes, we will take your favorite containers and fill them with any of our wonderful scents. If you have empty (non-flammable) containers that you would like filled, email us at info@wickitgood.com, or call us at 732-899-0999, for more information.

Q. If I call will I talk to a knowledgeable person? 

A. Yes, during our business hours the staff of Wickit Good is always available to answer your questions
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