Candles for a Cause

By Purchasing our Angels Candle, 100% Of All Proceeds Are Donated To "PENNIES FROM HEAVEN", a Foundation Started in Memory of Caleb Joseph Regenski.

PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is dedicated to financially assisting families in need so they do not have to leave their sick child’s bedside. The goal of the Foundation is to do whatever they can, whether it be covering a rent or mortgage payment, electric or medical bill, or even groceries for the week.

"No parent should have to prioritize a payment or job before the care of their sick child."

Caleb’s Pennies will help parents care for their children full time by relieving financial burdens, especially when other support is unavailable. They are that extra support these families so desperately need, to help lessen the load and ease the pain. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is dedicated to assisting families who have a critically ill child fighting for their life.

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